Playing is a great way to exercise you and your dog, as well as bonding with
each other.  Every dog needs play time.  It is very healthy for your dog to
spend time playing with you.
Frisbee is a wonderful way to play with your dog.  Some dogs prefer balls but
some live and breath frisbee.  I always buy the soft (cloth) frisbees to keep
from damaging the dog's mouths.  As you can see, Cody and Autumn are
having the time of their lives.

Chuck-it. Every dog owner needs a chuck-it.  Buy a couple of bags of tennis
balls too.  You can throw the tennis balls twice as far with a chuck-it than you
can with your arm.  You can throw a lot more balls as your arm doesn't get so

Hide the biscuit. We play hide the biscuit inside a lot when it isn't very nice
outside and outside when it is nice.  Buy small biscuits (dog treats) for this
game.  I put all of my dogs in an area while I am hiding the treats.  When they
are young, I go around with them and point out the treats.  Believe me, they
pick up on it quickly.  After hiding the treats, I tell the dogs, "go find the
biscuits!" and they tear outside.  You can hide them on the ground, a low
branch of a tree, around the car ect.
SWIMMING!  When the weather is hot, your dog needs to cool down.  Those little
pools for kids get your dogs wet up to their kneecaps but that doesn't cool them off
much.  Also, those pools heat up so quickly it becomes like a hot tub for them.  I dig a
hole in the back yard out of the way and put a plastic tarp in it.  I dug it 10' X 13' and
about 2 feet deep or so.  I cut a step out at both ends for easy access for the dogs.  It
doesn't take much water and the dogs LOVE it!  I got the idea when I would catch the
dogs taking a dip in my fish pond.  Now they stay out of that as their pool is much more
I dug a hole, cut in a step at both ends and laid a 12' X 16' tarp (about $15.00)
in the hole.  You can then tie it down or just lay some stone or brick around the
edges to hold it down.  When the pool gets dirty, I lay a hose in it so it touches
the bottom and run water till it looks clear again.  I also freshen it up every
other day to keep it cool for the dogs.  I toss tennis balls into the pool for the
dogs to chase and cool down.  Sometimes I get right in there with them and we
splash around.  4 Aussies fit nicely in the pool at one time with me..
Fish pond: My fish no longer have to fear the
wrath of dog paws plowing into their area.  All is
at peace.
Now get out there and have some fun with your Aussies.  
After we play until they drop, we all gather around the
swing in the shade for some lovin'.
Meeting the neighbor Aussies to play
Let um rip; running wild and free!